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ebluegoose’s final flight offering is a journey of a different sort--literary goose travel:
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LONDON by Robin Dorman (ebluegoose.com)

In England people actually try to be brilliant at breakfast. That is so dreadful of them! Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.” --Oscar Wilde

London, a city distinguished by its exuberantly cosmopolitan, pluralistic, and polyglot makeup, is bringing into dazzling view on the lip of the next millennium an unimaginably unBritish-kind of society. Although I did have afternoon tea with cucumber and cress sandwiches and went to a pub and relished a ploughmans lunch and a pint of Young’s ale, more often than not, as I traveled through a myriad of neighborhoods throughout London, I savored the pungent flavors of India, Malaysia, China, the Caribbean, Jamaica, Africa, Pakistan, the Mediterranean, America, Hungary, Israel, to name but a few. More

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    Continued: The aromas of these various cultures permeate neighborhoods such as Soho, Mayfair, Marylebone, Piccadilly Circus, Bloomsbury, Knightsbridge, Kensington, Chelsea, Notting Hill, Bayswater, all in the West End and beyond, and in the East End part of London where Cockneys rhyme and the immigrants arrive. Over a third of Londons permanent population originates overseas. And even more unBritish is the fact that very soon someone will actually run London because it finally wants a mayor. London, with its exquisite conglomeration, along with all the arts, the parks, the museums, the squares, the churches, the history, the music, the book shops, the pubs, and the self-possession, and a certain hauteur by being in London as opposed to the provinces (always the hauteur)--the conglomeration encrusted in a certain timelessness that is always here. London is Europes biggest city, spreading over an area of more than 620 square miles from its core on the River Thames. And it is crowded, beautiful, tumultuous, sometimes dirty, maddening, extreme, spectacular, manifold, enchanting, insatiable, exhilarating. And what is so seductive about the city, beside its infinite dazzling landmarks, Roman ruins, and Baroque churches, is its quiet squares (Samuel Johnsons own Gough Square is particularly bewitching), narrow alleyways, the parks, vast and dreamy areas swathed in greenery, and the joyful surprises, such as coming upon distinctive blue plaques on the houses of famous people who once lived here. The Romans founded Londinium in 43 AD as a stores depot on the marshy banks of the Thames. Londons growth began in the 11th century, when it became the seat of the last successful invader of Britain, the Norman duke who became William I of England (“The Conqueror). The first king of England to be crowned in Westminster Abbey, William built the White Tower, heart of the Tower of London, to establish his control over the merchant population, the class that was soon to make London one of the Europes most dominant cities. Take a plunge into Londons endless magisterial moonings, past, present, and future. Conjure up the London of Shakespeare and Dickens, of Virginia Woolf and her Bloomsbury Group, nicknamed Bloomsberries, whom she described in 1930 as merely wild, odd, innocent, artless, eccentric and industrious beyond words.” As is London in all its magnificence.


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